8 Incredible Offers Seniors Are Taking Advantage Of In 2018

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8 Incredible Offers Seniors Are Taking Advantage Of In 2018

Still unknown to many is a brilliant Government Program called the Home Affordable Refinance Plan (HARP) that could benefit Americans and reduce their payments by as much as $3,000 per year! You could bet the banks aren't too thrilled about losing all that profit and might secretly hope homeowners don't find out before time runs out.

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So while the banks happily wait for this program to end, the Government is making a final push and urging homeowners to take advantage. This program is set to expire in 2018, but the good news is that once you're in, you're in. If lowering your payments, paying off your mortgage faster, and even taking some cash out would help you, it's vital you act now and see if you could qualify for HARP or a better rate in today's marketplace.

URGENT: So many homeowners could still benefit today, but sadly, many perceive HARP to be too good to be true. Remember, HARP is a free government program and there's absolutely NO COST to see if you qualify. See if you qualify now before it's gone >>

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There's no reason why every senior doesn't take advantage of these incredible offers available to them online.

In today's world, the dollar doesn't go as far as it once did. And it seems that the ones that are hit the hardest in today's economy are seniors who are generally on a strict budget.

Fortunately, there are some little-known tricks to save folks a lot of money and even try products before buying them. Use this guide to see how much you could save!

3. Refinance With The Insanely Popular HARP Program For A Chance To Cut Your Mortgage Down

Warning: Do not pay your next energy bill until you read this...

This is the 1 simple truth your power company doesn't want you to know. There is a new policy in 2018 that qualifies homeowners who live in specific zip codes to be eligible for $1,000's of Government funding to install solar panels. Has your power company told you that? Of course not. They hope homeowners don't learn about this brilliant way to reduce your energy bill tremendously!

6. Get Solar Panels (Government Rebates Available)

When homeowners check whether they qualify at Free Solar Quotes many are shocked that subsidies and rebates could cover a lot of the costs associated with installation. Take advantage of any rebates available in your state and you could be on your way to significantly reducing your electric bill in a matter of weeks.

Smart homeowners are setting out to do their own research and determine whether this new program lives up to its reputations. Over and over again, many are reporting back on their findings, with the most exciting part being that they are now able to save $1,000s a year on their own energy bill.

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Still unknown to many is a brilliant Home Warranty Program called the Choice Home Warranty that could benefit millions of households and help them never pay for covered appliance failures, furnace breakdowns, electrical issues and so much more! You likely have homeowners insurance, right? A Home Warranty Plan is similar to a homeowners insurance plan, but it actually covers many things that an insurance plan won't like a broken refrigerator, a broken furnace or an electrical malfunction on a ceiling fan.

5. Get A Home Warranty

Often times, new homeowners are offered a 1 or 2-year home warranty plan when they purchase a home. This is generally a huge plus for the home buyer because it takes away the stress of having to pay for likely issues that might come up during the first year or two of owning the home. Issues such as a broken refrigerator or dishwasher aren't fun to deal with. Or how about a broken furnace or air conditioner? These would likely cost $1,000s of dollars to fix!

Luckily, homeowners now have the option to get a home warranty plan anytime after they bought their home. Even if you've lived there for 20 years, you can still get your own home warranty plan that will cover the cost of many unforeseen home repairs!

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In a crisis, your #1 need is food.

But not just any food... Experts say everyone needs to have non-perishable, good for 25 years survival food on hand in case of an emergency.Well right now – in what is truly an unprecedented move – 72-hour Food4Patriots survival food kits are being given away to loyal subscribers as long as they beat the program deadline and while supplies last.

7. Claim This 72-Hour Survival Food Kit

"Survival food is more important today than ever before," explains Frank Bates, a spokesman for the company. "Natural disasters, terrorist attacks and other threats can make obtaining sufficient food impossible in an emergency."

"None of us wants to ever rely on this or any government to feed us in a crisis," Bates says.

Food4Patriots survival foods are made of the finest ingredients, grown and packaged right here in the USA. They taste great and provide the nutrition you need.

Recent advancements in the processing and packaging have led to this food being guaranteed fresh for an amazing 25 years. Packages are made of military-grade Mylar, the same material used to protect NASA astronauts.

Every 72-hour kit that's being given away contains 16 total servings of such delicious meals as Blue Ribbon Creamy Chicken Rice, the always-loved Granny's Home-style Potato Soup, and stick-to-your-ribs breakfast favorite Maple Grove Oatmeal.

This kit sells to the general public for $27.00 plus postage and has been rated 4.5 out of 5 stars by customers.

But people who act quickly can get them just for the shipping and handling fee.

"We're trying to ensure that no one who wants this free food misses out, but they have to hurry because we have a limited supply of the 72-hour kits we can give away," Bates warned. "Once word got out that folks could actually get free survival food, we had to add extra customer service staff to keep up with incredible demand."

There is still time to take advantage of this offer, but be aware that supplies are limited and the program may end at any time.

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Here’s what credit card companies don’t want you to know...and what thousands of consumers are quickly learning about paying off their debt:

If you owe more than $20,000 in credit card debt, this proven debt relief program, offered through companies like Freedom Debt Relief, may reduce the amount you owe. Consumers could resolve their debts with absolutely no loan required and pay it off in as little as 24 - 48 months*. If you’ve struggled to pay your credit card debt, act now before your debt balloons further.

6. Use This Debt Payoff Plan

Learn The Secret To Resolving Debt >>

Walk-In Bathtubs are becoming extremely popular with people over age 60. Stats show that falling while getting in and out of the shower results in a very high rate of accidents every year.

More and more seniors are turning to a high quality walk-in bathtub as a solution. It's one of the smartest decisions you can make to keep you and your loved one safe.

7. Get A Walk-In Bathtub In 2018 & Save

In the past, you'd have to find a credible contractor to complete the work. And then you'd have to trust that they could find a high quality walk-in tub to install, too. But thankfully, Walk-In Tub Quotes has made it easier than ever for you to get a competitive price from the best installers in the business. Click below to get your free quote on a walk-in tub.

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Just released in the summer of 2017, Peptiva Probiotic is quickly becoming very popular amongst people over age 55. Unlike other probiotics, Peptiva GUARANTEES it's potency until the expiration date. Many others only are guarantee during it's refrigeration period. 

5. Restore Your Gut And Get Better Sleep With New Probiotic

What makes Peptiva unique? Peptiva contains powerful compounds that will also help you get an amazing night of sleep. Just take one small capsule 30 minutes before bedtime. It's powerful compounds restore your digestive balance in your sleep so you wake up less bloated.

Grab a sample to try by clicking below!

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If you deal with joint discomfort, you need to see this.

Formulated by renowned Doctor, David Katz, Instaflex Advanced has become the best selling joint solution product at GNC and Walgreens. Thousands of seniors across the US and Canada are enjoying joint relief everyday with it.

The best part? You only have to take 1 small capsule a day and many start to feel a difference very quickly!

4. Joints Hurt? Grab A Sample Of GNC's #1 Joint Compound Instaflex Advanced

The company behind Instaflex Advanced has agreed to allow new customers to try a sample throughout 2018. You can go to their website by clicking below and read up on the formulation and you can then claim your sample to be shipped to you. Samples ship within 24-48 hours, so you'll have it quickly too!

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This might be the most important thing you see on the internet all year.

Most seniors have never heard of this, but according to a very large financial publishing company, thousands of Americans have signed up to get “Freedom Checks” …  checks so big they make Social Security (and every other government  program) look pathetic!

6. Thousands Rush At The Chance To Get Freedom Checks: "It's Better Than Social Security"

Financial expert Matt Badiali reveals how anyone – regardless of age, income or net worth – can start collecting these checks in this new video presentation. Click here to watch now.

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This high-tech tracking device is a lifesaver to many. There's a reason over 5 million have been shipped so far.

One of the most frustrating things is when you lose your car in a parking lot. Right? But unfortunately this happens to many of us on a weekly basis no matter how many times you repeat the lot number over and over in your head.

8. Get This Tiny Tracking Device To Keep Track Of Anything

Now imagine if you could pull out your smartphone and locate your car? Well, thanks to this tiny new tracking device, that's possible. And it's super easy and affordable too!

TrackR is a tiny device (about the size of a quarter) that will ensure that you always know where your vehicle is. Whether it's in the next parking lot or in another state.

To top it off, there isn't any complicated installation required. And no monthly service fees either. 

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You've probably seen the commercials on TV for Nugenix, the free testosterone booster for men over 50. Maybe it's sparked your interest because of the benefits it could do for you- feel more energetic, feel stronger in the gym, a boost in performance. Men accross the country are raving about how Nugenix makes them feel.

7. GNC's #1 Free Testosterone Booster Is Now Available For Men 50+ To Try

Nugenix is currently the #1 selling free testosterone booster at GNC and Walgreens. If you'd like to read up on it, and even get a sample shipped to you, click here.

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The 1% Won't Want You Seeing This

If you're like most, you're always looking for the next big investment. Many retirees are turning to legendary investor Paul Mampilly to see what he thinks the #1 investment for 2018 will be.

Paul made a name for himself when he was named by Baron's as the "World's Best" when he took a prestigious money-management firm he worked for from $6 billion up to $25 billion.

Bonus #1. Invest In The Next Big Technology

Now, Paul has revealed why he thinks a new technology will be "bigger than the internet". According to him, this new technology will surge into a $19 trillion industry by 2020 (an 8,000% increase).. Click here to learn more.

Learn About The #1 Investment For 2018 >>

Years ago Jim Fink knew he’d need to make a change if he was ever going to retire.

It's a similar problem a lot of Americans are dealing with as they approach retirement.

He had a good job, was squirreling away money in his IRA, and investing in stocks—but wasn’t really getting anywhere.

Bonus #2. Learn How This Ex-Lawyer Turned $50,000 Into A $5.3 Million Fortune

The piddly returns he was making that way seemed like a waste of time. He needed something better.

Luckily Jim worked at an office building in Chicago, close to the financial district.

One day he ran into a "trader" who shared an approach that would go on to change Jim's life forever.

So Jim started experimenting with the approach he learned...

Before long he was generating extra monthly income like $1,200, $1,800, and $2,100... and all in a matter of weeks!

His nest egg began to grow exponentially, and before long he had turned a mere $50,000 into a massive $5.3 million.

Learn How Jim Did It >>

When seniors use this free online Reverse Mortgage calculator, they may be surprised to find out how much money they can receive through a Reverse Mortgage.

Still unknown to many, this brilliant retirement method is helping senior citizens across the country by eliminating their monthly mortgage payments and putting cash in their bank account through what's called a "Reverse Mortgage Loan". You can bet that your current mortgage holder might not be too thrilled about this, since they would be losing your business.

8. Calculate How Much You Can Get With A Reverse Mortgage For Free Today

What Exactly Is a Reverse Mortgage and How Does It Work?

A reverse mortgage is essentially a loan.  You are borrowing against your home equity.  You can get a lump sum amount, line of credit or get monthly checks. However, unlike traditional mortgages, with a reverse mortgage you do not have to pay back the money you have borrowed as long as you are living in the home. A Reverse Mortgage loan is often a great solution to eliminate your monthly mortgage payments and generate retirement cash.

Reverse Mortgages are ideal for you if:

  • You'd like to eliminate your monthly mortgage payment, or if you struggle with bills every month. Could you use an extra $600-$1500 per month?
  • You plan to stay in your home for the rest of your life.
  • You could use the extra money that it provides you (tax free).
  • You are 62 years or older and have 50% or more equity in your home.

Although a Reverse Mortgage sounds like a no-brainer, there are many things to consider when exploring this retirement method. If you would like more information on how a Reverse Mortgage works or if you'd like to calculate your loan amount you'll want to take this reverse mortgage suitability test. It takes about five minutes, and the service is 100% free. You have nothing to lose!

Calculate Your Reverse Mortgage Amount >>

Often times with age comes hair loss for women. It can be very frustrating.

Thankfully, there is a proven daily regimen women can do to get longer, thicker, fuller hair! It's called Daily Essentials and it's by one of the most trusted brands in hair health, Keranique. You've likely seen the commercials on TV.

Bonus #3. Try Keranique For Free - Get Longer, Thicker, Healthy Hair

You can now claim a 30-day supply absolutely free (just cover shipping costs). No strings attached. They are so confident you'll love the product that you'll be back for more.

Click the button below to claim your free supply of Daily Essentials.

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If you owe the IRS $10,000 or more in back taxes, you must see this.

Dealing with the IRS can be a dreadful experience that no one wants to do. But the fact of the matter is if you owe in back taxes, the IRS will come knocking on your door. But there's something that they won't tell you that could change your life.

8. Settle Your Tax Debt With This New Program

Settle Your Tax Debt >>

The truth is, the IRS wants to settle your back taxes case before it would go to trial. The IRS simply does not have the resources to take all of their cases to trial. Luckily, for anyone that owes over $10,000 in back taxes there is a special settlement program by NationalTaxRelief.org. Simply fill out the form on their website and a tax debt settlement expert will contact you to go over your customized plan. Do not put this off another day. 

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Did you know that many of the large phone companies offers special discounts to senior citizens? These discounts add up quick!

AT&T: AT&T offers up to 10% off monthly service plans to AARP members who are 50 or older. Certain restrictions apply.

Consumer Cellular: Consumer Cellular offers AARP members who are 50 or older exclusive savings on monthly service charges in addition to discounts on accessories.

1. A Discount On Your Cell Phone Bills? Yup!

Cricket Wireless: Cricket Wireless offers AARP members who are 50 years of age or older a $20 mail-in rebate on new phone purchases.

Hello Tech: Hello Tech offers AARP members who are 50 or older a 15% discount on all Hello Tech support services. Certain restrictions apply.

Verizon Wireless: Verizon Wireless offers a special 55 plus nationwide unlimited talk and text service plan to customers who are 55 or older. Check to see if your location offer this with Verizon.

Did you know that many grocery stores offer senior discounts? Here are the best senior discounts at your local grocery stores!

American Discount Stores: 10% off every Monday (62+)

Bi-Lo Senior Discounts: 5% off every Wednesday (60+)

Compare Foods Supermarket: 10% off every Wednesday (60+)

2. Senior Discounts at Your Grocery Store

Fred Meyer Senior Discount: 10% – 15%, depending on dept., first Tuesday of each month (55+)

Fry’s Food Stores: 10% off on the first Wednesday of every month (55 +)

Gristedes Supermarket: 10% off every Tuesday (65+) 

New Seasons: 10% off every Wednesday most items (65+), 10% off every Tuesday for military

Publix: 5% off every Wednesday ONLY in Tennessee, North Carolina and the northern portions of  Alabama, South Carolina and Georgia (60 +)

Discount List:

  1. Cell Phone Bill
  2. Grocery Discounts
  3. Mortgage Program
  4. GNC's #1 Joint Product
  5. Home Warranty Offer
  6. Debt Consolidation
  7. Food
  8. Entertainment

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Love seeing a good flick at your local theatre? Here are the top theatre discounts for seniors.

Regal Entertainment Group: Regal Entertainment Group offers AARP members who are 50 or older a $3.00 discount on a large or small popcorn and soft drink combination purchase.

AMC Theatres: AMC Theatres offers discounted ticket prices to customers who are 60 or older with valid photo identification.

8. Take a Trip To The Theatre

Ford’s Theatre: Ford’s Theatre offers seniors who are 60 or older discounted weekday and weekend matinee tickets for select shows.

Grand Theatre: The Grand Theatre offers reduced admission to seniors who are 60 or older with valid identification.

Marcus Theatres: Marcus Theatres offers customers who are 60 or older $5 admission to matinees each Friday with valid photo identification.

Showcase Cinemas: Each Wednesday, Showcase Cinemas offers $7 admission to customers who are 60 or older. The special savings applies to all movie tickets including IMAX, RealD 3D, XPlus, and MX4D.

Bow-Tie Cinemas: Bow-Tie Cinemas offers reduced admission to individuals who are over the age of 62 with valid photo identification.

Frank Theatres: Frank Theatres offers discounted tickets to customers who are over the age of 62.

Landmark Theatres: Landmark Theatres offers reduced pricing to guests 62 years of age or older with valid identification.

It can be tough to find hearings aids that fit your wants and needs. What is right for one person, may not be right for another. 

Signia has unveiled its new Nx hearing system - and it is revolutionizing the hearing aid industry! After 50 years of research and development, German engineers have found a way to pack cutting-edge technology in a device so small, it disappears behind or inside your ear. 

8. Try These Incredible German Hearing Aids

The old hearing aids of the past were highly visible and only made sounds louder. These new hearing systems are mini computers that can pick up voices and reduce background noise automatically.
The new Nx technology uses a unique algorithm that is clinically proven to deliver better than normal hearing.
This allows you to understand your family and friends clearly, even in crowded restaurants. And with Bluetooth connectivity, you can talk on the phone, listen to music, and watch TV while wearing your hearing aids. We want you to be one of the first to experience this amazing technology. Sign up here to learn more about how you can try these hearing aids today!

Sign Up For Your Risk-Free Trial

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Bonus 1. Seniors Rush To See If Social Security Owes Them

This might be the most important thing you see on the internet all year.

Most seniors have never heard of this, but according to a very large financial publishing company, several audits by the U.S. Inspector General have found extraordinary errors in the processing and payment of Social Security checks. These reports determined that for the last 33 years an enormous group of recipients has been drastically underpaid.

Watch The Full Video Now >>

As a result, these Americans who have filed to collect certain benefits may be collectively owed hundreds of millions in underpaid checks... Everything is explained in the following presentation... including questions to help you determine if you could be entitled to this money. Click here to watch it now.